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I made digital copies of the 1925 construction drawings and shared them with everyone that I thought might be interested. Early in my research I learned about The Saint Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving memories and artifacts from the years when the building was used as The Saint Nightclub. I sent them copies of the 1925 construction drawings, explained what I was doing and asked that if they had photos or drawings that would be helpful to me. They reciprocated with photos that were taken during selective demolition just prior the remodel. These photos were disturbing to some people that had strong emotional connections to the Fillmore East, but they were incredibly helpful to me. Because most of the Fillmore East interior photos that I found were taken during performances the room was very dark with the exception of the stage lighting and therefore didn’t provide a lot of detail. The selective demolition photos were lit to show the space. They are also the only photos that I’ve been able to find that showed the proscenium arch in its entirety. I am extremely appreciative to The Saint Foundation for sharing them with me.​

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