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The 1925 construction drawings that John Chester had sent me were numbered Sheets 12, 14 and 18. So I knew that there were at least 15 remaining sheets in the original construction set. So maybe the city still has them on file? I’d made several calls to city offices trying to determine if they might have them. I was told that if they did that they would be on microfiche and that the only way to find out was to actually come to the office and look for myself. I live in Kansas City and my Fillmore East obsession had not yet reached the stage of justifying a trip to New York City to visit the Manhattan Buildings Office. I returned to the Fillmore East Facebook groups and asked if anyone living in or near Manhattan would be willing to stop by the Manhattan Buildings Office. I am very grateful to Tim Goosens for taking the train into the city to see what they might have. He copied everything he could find onto a flash drive and sent it to me. They did not have drawings from the 1925 construction set, which unfortunately means that I may have the only surviving copies. I hope that I am wrong.  But Tim did find these 1988 drawings from when the building was being considered for a cinema multi plex which included exterior elevations and longitudinal sections thru the building that were very helpful!

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