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John Chester was one of the primary sound engineers at the Fillmore East. In this interview/discussion John talks about the people, equipment and architecture that created the legendary live sound quality the venue is remembered for.

This video focuses on The Joshua Light Show's time as the resident light show at the Fillmore East. It is my most detailed and accurate computer model to date.


Joshua sent me some great performance and behind the scenes photos and videos from the JLS Fillmore East days. Equipped with information from the 1925 construction drawings and my revelations about the ceiling I rebuilt the computer model for the Joshua Light Show video This is my most accurate and detailed computer model to date.


I used my modeling program's fly through animation extensively.  The video begins at the Second Avenue entrance, goes through the loft building lobby, walks up to the stage, then turns around and flies around the theater, flies back towards the stage and through the projection screen to reveal the Joshua Light Show on the platforms, flies around the projectors for awhile, then flies back out to the theater, frames performance photos in context with the architectural computer model and then...


I don't really specialize in video editing so I'm really proud that I figured out how to use green screens, you get to see Jimi Hendrix perform in the Fillmore East with modern Joshua Light Show performance video behind him. It's cool.

As part of my Reconstructing the Fillmore East documentation project Joshua White, Amalie R. Rothschild and Marc Rubinstein had generously provided photographs, video and other information to help me represent the Joshua Light Show and the Pig Light Show in video form. When Joshua White left the Joshua Light show 
in 1970 the remaining members continued performing at the Fillmore East and called themselves Joe's Lights. Alan Arkush worked primarily as the groups lead video mixer before going on to become a very successful movie and television director. He offered to spend some time with me discussing the Fillmore East and Joe's Lights. 
I immediately accepted the invitation.

Two videos  focusing on the Pig Light Show's time as one of the light shows that performed at the Fillmore East after Joshua left in 1970. It was my first attempt to create a 3D computer model of the theater's interior. Marc gave me some great information to work with. I will update it with a more recent computer model eventually but I am still very proud of this effort. 


The first video (Pig Light Show / Fillmore East) initially goes into a lot of detail on the back stage equipment set up and then transitions into the theater to frame performance photos taken at the shows.


The second video (Pig Light Show / Fillmore East - Ten Years After) was fashioned after my initial "Fillmore East Playbook" concept of starting with a specific Fillmore East light show photo and examining the techniques, equipment and personnel that went into producing it.

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